Waste Management

Our distribution service covers the whole of the South East and as far as North London. We also have a network team (ARROW) which is setup to undertake major contracts for the delivery of cooking oil and waste oil collection which covers the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands.

We have a selection of trucks and vans used for our deliveries with a team of drivers who are friendly and devoted to the job putting our customers first in Quality, Cost and Delivery.

Our biodiesel is also retailed from the forecourt pump in New Romney and you can bring your vehicle over and fill as much or as little as you require.

On the biodiesel bulk sales we offer a service in 1000 litre containers and a tanker delivery service to meet all our customer needs. Our biodiesel is made to a EN specification. For more information on the biodiesel and its suitability to your vehicle, please see our segment on biodiesel within this web page.

Why are we different to other companies?

From the Managing Director down we are a team of people who are committed to a ‘hands on’ approach to our business and customers. Our customer service is not someone who is situated at a desk waiting for the telephone to ring but by a delivery person who is working with the customer with a mission of being proactive rather than reactive.

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