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In a world where climate change and environment issues are of paramount importance, it’s hard to know which choices can be made to make our world a greener, cleaner place to be.

One of the steps that every individual can take is to reduce their own personal consumption of fossil fuels and to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that personal travel, working environments and heating produce every day.

Here at Bioenergy Direct, our biodiesel helps you to reduce the impact your energy needs make on the planet in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way.

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Who Are We?

Edible Oil Direct/Bioenergy Direct are a family business. Since the business was established by Peter as a sole trader, it took shape with the introduction of his son Paul and his wife Carole within a year of starting. We now employ 10 people from the local community.

What service do we offer?

Our business is divided into the following areas-

In-house testing facility

We now operate an in-house complete biodiesel laboratory testing facility.

This enables us to not just ensure that our biodiesel meets the EN standard it also assists us in our platform to enhance our quality improvements in our mission on Quality, Cost and Delivery targets.

We also offer this service to Biodiesel companies who require us to sample test for them.

Also assist in giving advice to achieving your EN standard.

For further information please call or email us to the details attached.

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